The Green Mile Pub Crawl and Funraiser
Easter Pub Crawl
Cinco De Mayo Crawl
Swingers-Bar Golf Crawl
Bike Pub Crawl.
Forbidden Fairytale.
Undie Pub Crawl.

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Nightlife News


The White Horse.

There's a new bar coming soon to the Downtown SLC area called The White House. Brought to you by the creators of Bourbon House and Whiskey Street. . read more

Where the wild Jams are.

What's your favorite music venue? Article by City Weekly. read more

Utah Underground.

Due to many of the strict laws in Utah and the bordom of law enforcement. Many of Utah groups and more edgy clicks have gone Underground. .... read more

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Pub Crawl

We host the largest and best pub crawls in the state.

Custom Events

Need a custom party or themed event? Call us 1-800-936-3315

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Utah may not be known for it's nightlife. But our outdoors are Epic. We combine both.


Not your run of the mill bouncy houses. Extreme Inflatables

Mugshot Photography

Get Mugshots of your crew at your bachelor or bachelorette party.