who we are

We are a group of nightlife and entertaiment professionals.

Welcome to RED LOTUS ENTERTAINMENT. Unique Event Solutions for your party planning. We host some of the most unique; private events, birthday parties, dinners, and nightclub themed events in the world. With a dynamic range of performance and production services, RED LOTUS ENTERTAINMENT creates an absolutely scandalous vision of delirium, hovering somewhere between the realms of sleep and wakefulness. For us there is nothing more exciting than manifesting fantasies! We utilize a dynamic range of creative mediums and performance theatre that gives RED LOTUS ENTERTAINMENT its distinctive air. Our cast of professionally trained performers and athletes are hand-picked for their excellence. Our roster includes acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, and stilt walkers, burlesque dancers, fire performers, and musicians – all masters of their craft, all skilled in the areas of circus, acting, comedy, pantomime, modeling, and branding. RED LOTUS ENTERTAINMENT provides full and comprehensive services in a broad number of realms, such as technical direction & production fulfillment, theme party entertainment creation. We carefully curate and plot every detail of your event, guaranteeing a flawless experience!

Our principals

The Number one principal for our events is to create a fun and energetic space for our events. A space of music, laughter and play.

Why choose us

Because we provide full and comprehensive services in a broad number of realms, such as technical direction & production fulfillment, theme party entertainment creation. We curate the event you want to experience.

our staff

Xavier Lang
Creator and director of Red Lotus
Misty Rain
Promotion Director
Internet promotions and sponsor coordinator
Charly Luna
Executive Director
Performance coordinator and director
Annika Starr
Costume designer and props
Annika the makes the magic happen

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Xavier Lang, We just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what a fantasmic time we had last night. Out of all of the parties, this one--probably because it was a smaller, controlled group, was literally the most erotically charged one we've attended. Although the others were fantastic too, this one was truly amazing. I appreciate the time, energy and care you put into these gatherings. I can really feel your intentions as I see you talk with people and make them feel welcome. There may be some people who simply look at these things as a tickly-fun experiment, but I want you to know that I see the deeper meaning in them--you and Lang are slowly but surely breaking down the barriers we have--inside and out--so that sexuality is a meaningful part of our lives minus the negative paradigms surrounding it. I want you to know I appreciate you both. We appreciate you, and we hope to continue to support your efforts (we are also joining UU as official members this week). If you ever need anything to help you in your endeavors, please let us know. xoxo.
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BEST FREAKIN' PARTY EVER! We're LONG TIME FRIENDS of these two and can we just say- WE LOVE YA! If you haven't been to one of their parties SHAME ON YOU! Don't be scared by their super human HOTNESS... they are down to earth and people you should get to know. XOXO.
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